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Shopper Intelligence

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Insights that get closer to the “why”, complementing Panel and Loyalty card metrics, and make more persuasive retailer proposals because they work from your buyer’s point of view.

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How to Use the Report Store

Buy one of our single category/retailer shopper insights reports

30 major USA retailers covered for 123 categories

  1. Download the Sample Report to see exactly what you will get. View our Reporting Metrics.

  2. To get a feel for our data before you buy a report, get a free one page summary for your category in Walmart.

  3. Review our explainer video and e-seminar to understand our measures fully (Below).

  4. See if we have the retailer/category you need. Download the Full Category List. Download the Full Retailer List.

  5. Order and download your report(s)!


For Any Questions, Contact:

USA Managing Director Jason Smith

Cell: 916.501.7525


Category in Retailer Report


In our web store here you can purchase a 20 page summary report for any category in any retailer. Covering each of the key metrics listed below, and driven by our huge USA database of shopper survey data, the report will give you the “shopper fundamentals” for your category in the retailer you are dealing with, benchmarked to all categories in that retailer. This enables you to identify what makes your category different and how best to develop it. This empowers you with the voice of shopper information to assist your retailer discussions.